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TrialMax® is the culmination of more than 20 years of feedback and experience on many of the highest profile disputes.

Designed with input directly from our clients and experienced litigation consultants, TrialMax® represents a significant step forward in trial presentation and exhibit management.

Because FTI Consulting controls the application code, we can offer custom solutions for unique situations.

We provide TrialMax® at no cost, on a matter-specific basis to clients that retain FTI Trial and Arbitration Support.

As one of the most prolific trial support firms in the world, we developed TrialMax explicitly for the high-pressure, high-stakes litigation environment. Hundreds of law firms have relied on FTI Consulting and TrialMax® to seamlessly integrate documents, transcripts, photographs, animations, deposition videos and demonstrative graphics into a single trial preparation and presentation tool.

We use TrialMax® in war rooms and courtrooms across the country, every day. We’re confident that it’s the absolute best program of its type in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about TrialMax® or FTI’s Trial & Arbitration Support, contact us at any time.