Technology & Evidence Presentation

Technology & Evidence Presentation

The professionals in FTI Consulting’s Trial & Arbitration Support practice provide a seamless courtroom experience, allowing you and your team to focus on your advocacy and argument.

Our evidence presentation professionals (aka “hot seat”) prepare all of your evidence, making it easy to access, review, and present – providing complete support for U.S. and international trials and arbitrations, including a wide range of related proceedings and services.

  • Technology production, including evidence preparation, video editing and ebriefs
  • Evidence presentation during the proceeding, including technology and document management
  • Hosting and support for remote participants or fully remote proceedings

Our trial technology professionals have years of experience working on a wide range of disputes, from the simplest to the most demanding and complex. No matter what type of dispute you face, we can help. We offer a significant number of senior professionals with more than 20 years of experience.

Our Expertise with the Largest & Most Complex Disputes:

  • Large-scale single trial or hearing, such as a high-stakes arbitral hearing or antitrust dispute
  • Multiple hearings and trials over many years, such as in a product liability or class action
  • Focused but highly technical trials, such as intellectual property

In-Court Evidence Presentation

We use the latest multimedia equipment and software to provide a professional presentation of exhibits, reports, documents, graphic presentations and videos. Those presentations help sway opinions, aid in information retention, simplify complex concepts and increase the efficiency of each proceeding.

Courtroom Equipment

In most cases, a member of our team has been to your courthouse or arbitration facility, providing valuable information on the layout and audio-visual equipment in the room. We supplement existing equipment, where needed, almost anywhere in the world. Our professionals never forget the importance of getting the courtroom equipment right.

Technology Production

Our inhouse technology experts provide any technical solution needed to assist the legal team, leading up to or following the trial or hearing.

  • Exhibit stickering
  • eBriefs
  • Custom video editing
  • Trial presentation databases

Our in-house teams are expert at working remotely and 24/7 to ensure that your deadlines are met, allowing your staff valuable time to focus on their own trial preparation.

Deposition Video Editing

With decades of deposition video editing experience, our team can provide run times, color-coded designation reports and video excerpts as you prepare for video playback in court.

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