Remote & Hybrid Proceedings

Technology & Evidence Presentation

– TrialMax®

– TrialMax Cloud® Review Tools

When you require more than a basic videoconference, FTI Consulting provides a full suite of tools, experienced hosting and support to address all of the relevant challenges, all locked down per FTI Consulting’s Cybersecurity Practice guidelines.

TrialMax Cloud® Platform + Remote Equipment + Professional Services

An important virtual hearing or trial needs an efficiently presented, shared view of documents; proper control of the video streams; real-time transcripts; and a secure environment.

FTI Consulting is here for you. We will manage all document hosting, display, and viewing, letting counsel focus on the substance of the proceeding rather than the technology.

Our team has supported hundreds of remote and hybrid hearings for most major arbitral bodies in matters seated in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

FTI Consulting’s TrialMax Cloud® platform supports traditional disputes with tools that enable collaborative review of documents and video and provides a platform for hosting remote proceedings.

FTI Consulting’s optional remote equipment kits provide reliable, easy to use participation.

Before the Proceeding

  • FTI provides a “Remote Equipment Kit” option – malware & virus-free, secure, easy setup, remotely managed, multiscreen system with optional 360° camera
  • Training for all key participants, including a “sandbox environment” to practice
  • FTI’s TrialMax Cloud® – access to FTI’s secure online portal to review, manage and collaborate on exhibits and video depositions

During the Proceeding

  • FTI Technical Manager hosts the proceeding
  • FTI Evidence Presentation Professional provides real-time display of evidence
  • Judge/Arbitrators, Counsel & Witness are seen and heard at all times on the main monitor
  • Private & secure observation by invited parties
  • Court Reporter for real-time transcript

After the Proceeding

Deposition or hearing video available on FTI’s secure TrialMax Cloud® platform to review and edit. Video clips import directly into FTI’s TrialMax® for eventual playback in Court.