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Our jury consultants provide meaningful insights into how your arguments are being heard. We design the right research for your situation and budget, then use that information to inform trial strategy and make your presentations more persuasive.

We offer both onsite and remote research, including focus groups; mock trial, arbitration, and bench trial research; witness preparation; jury selection; and more.

  • Focus Groups
    Test trial themes and strategy, assess verdict and damages, and observe deliberations of venue-matched jurors.
  • Mock Trial Research
    Rehearse and refine case presentations and evaluate the impact of documents, demonstrative evidence, and witness testimony.
  • Arbitration/Bench Trial Research
    Use surrogate neutrals, with similar bench experience as your adjudicator, to provide counsel with a strategic point of view and assessment of the presentation of evidence.
  • Witness Preparation
    Enhance the testifying skills of fact and expert witnesses.
  • Jury Selection
    Design voir dire questions that help uncover juror bias during oral questioning.
  • Social Media Analytics
    Rapid distillation and analysis of large amounts of aggregated data from social media, public records, and demographic sources.
  • Trial Monitoring/Shadow Jury
    Observe and assess juror reactions, courtroom dynamics, opening statement, the effectiveness of witness testimony, and other factors – or employ a shadow jury for added insights.
  • Post-Trial Interviews
    Determine a strategy for other pending matters or for serial litigation.
  • Remote Choices
    Remote research can be conducted in different ways, based on the information needed and other considerations.
    • Self-guided research doesn’t require real-time participation of either the attorneys or the research team.
    • Remote, live research – much more the type of exercise that would be conducted in person.
    • Hybrid research tailored to specific needs.