Technology & Evidence Presentation

Technology & Evidence Presentation

– TrialMax®

– TrialMax Cloud® Review Tools

Our international technology team supports every type of proceeding, whether in person, fully remote, or a mix of the two.

Our evidence presentation (AKA “hot seat”) professionals do more than put documents on the screen – we bring the evidence to life by enlarging, highlighting and comparing as needed, making it easy for everyone to understand the evidence.

We organize and refer to evidence using standard naming conventions rather than imposing a naming structure of our own, making it easier to direct the evidence presentation professional and creating a cleaner record in the proceeding transcript.

FTI Consulting can act as a neutral participant, supporting the parties and the court or arbitrators, or work on behalf of just one party. When supporting a remote proceeding, we coordinate with transcription services, including real-time transcripts, and consecutive or simultaneous interpretation.

  • Evidence Presentation & Technology with TrialMax®
    We use our proprietary evidence presentation software to bring the evidence to life by enlarging, highlighting and comparing, as needed and in real time.
  • TrialMax Cloud® to Host & Support Remote Proceedings
    FTI Consulting provides a full suite of tools, hosting and support.
  • TrialMax Cloud® Collaborative Review Tools
    Online review and collaboration for video depositions and exhibit documents.
  • War Room & Courtroom/Hearing Room Systems & Equipment
    Our onsite professionals have the practical experience needed to make smart choices.
  • Complete eBrief Services
    FTI offers fast and thorough eBrief production to link your brief to supporting documents, evidence, or demonstrative visuals.