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Our graphics professionals turn facts and ideas into presentations that drive decisions. Effective visuals are designed to complement your words rather than repeat them. We bring valuable ideas to the table that add clarity and carry secondary messages to support your arguments, magnifying their persuasive power.

We have the strategic insight to consider the facts of a case and help you craft a more powerful argument. Our visual expertise is an invaluable asset in helping you achieve your desired outcome.

  • Senior design professionals with 15-40 years’ experience
  • Supported by a creative team of designers, illustrators, and animators, able to rapidly answer any need.
  • When needed, we can enlist the assistance of other FTI Consulting experts, such as actuaries, CPAs, or industry experts, to help work on highly complex matters.

How We Can Help

  • Expert Reports & Briefs
  • Pre-trial Hearings, such as Technology Tutorials, Science Days, Daubert Hearings, Markman Hearings
  • Presentations to Regulators
  • Mediations & Settlement Conferences
  • Jury Research Exercises
  • Trial & Arbitration presentations
  • Can be designed for reuse by popular media in high-profile or public interest matters

How demonstrative presentations aid persuasion:

Three Types of Graphics

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Making a Persuasive Timeline

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Presenting a Complex Transaction

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Telling a Story with Data

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Focusing on What's Important

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