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FTI Consulting, Inc. is a global business advisory dedicated to helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes: financial, legal, operational, political & regulatory, reputational and transactional.

Our global Trial and Arbitration Support practice provides graphics, presentations, technology, jury consulting, and a wide variety of custom tools, designed to strengthen your arguments – making them more persuasive and memorable.



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1982: Forensic Technologies International is co-founded by Dan Luczak and Joseph Reynolds in a small warehouse in Annapolis, Maryland.

1988: The state of Illinois hires the firm to determine the cause of a central telephone office fire and make recommendations to prevent future disasters.

1995: The Company provides courtroom graphics and jury consultation for the O.J. Simpson trial.

1996: Forensic Technologies International goes public in May of 1996.

2000: FTI Consulting enters the technology business, specializing in e-discovery solutions.

2001: FTI Consulting begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol FCN.

2008: FTI Consulting grows and expands global presence through mergers and acquisitions, including enhancing opportunities in the United Kingdom, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Lexecon and Competition Policy Associates (“COMPASS”), two of the premier economic consulting firms in the world, combine to form Compass Lexecon, a wholly owned subsidiary of FTI Consulting, Inc.

2016: FTI Consulting delivered record revenues of $1.81 billion and double-digit GAAP and adjusted earnings per share gains for the second year in a row. During the year, FTI Consulting was recognized by Forbes magazine in its inaugural list of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms in 17 categories and was recognized by Corporate Counsel as a top service provider in the legal industry.

2020: Record revenues of $2.46 billion increased 4.6% compared to 2019. Billable headcount increased 14.5% over 2019, with total employee headcount increasing to more than 6,300 globally. FTI Consulting was selected to join the FTSE Russell 1000® Index and the Company continued to move up on the Fortune 1000 list, ranking 906th.

2020-21: In response to the worldwide pandemic, FTI Consulting’s Trial Services practice takes advantage of its global presence by developing remote equipment kits and adding functionality to its existing TrialMax Cloud® platform – turning it into a cohesive solution to host hybrid and remote trials and arbitration hearings. As the practice expands its global activity it is renamed Trial and Arbitration Support.